Juice Cleanse Testimonials

“Thank you! Lost 10 pounds. Feel incredible. All of the juices were great. Purple Haze was my favorite. A friend I had not seen in a while summed it up last night. He looked me in the eyes and said “you look really great, something is different”. This is going to be my juice summer!” – Darren, May 2014

“THANK YOU!  I feel amazing after my three day juice cleanse.  The juices were delicious and filling.  I REALLY appreciated the variety” – Lori, June 2014

“It was a first time juicing experience for all us and we were very unsure of what to expect.  Is this going to be filling enough?  Are we going to crack and eat food?  Is it enough food for our long 12 hour days?  Will we have energy?  Will we like the taste?  Needless to say we were pleasantly surprised by how filling these juices were.  None of use cracked and ate food.  We all survived our 12 hour work days without a problem.  After day 2 we were full of energy, and they all tasted amazing.  As if we didn’t feel good enough, we all lost an average of 10lbs!”

“After being away from home for an extended length of time and falling into some not-so-great eating habits I needed to get myself back on track . The 5 day juice cleanse was the perfect solution to start back on the road to a healthy body. The juices were great: who knew that spinach, kale, zucchini and broccoli could in fact be a “Green Dream”. I loved the quirky names like “Beet the Heat” and “Clockwork Orange” but most of all I loved the way I felt after the 5 days. I am definitely a huge fan of these awesome juices and would highly recommend anyone to give them a try.” – Anne, July 2014

“Although I was a bit nervous about subsisting only on juice during my 3-day cleanse, I found it a lot easier than I thought I would.  The fact that the juices were incredibly delicious definitely helped with that – I looked forward to what I would get to try each day.  Between a week of clean eating prior to the cleanse and the cleanse itself, I lost 10 pounds.  I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone wanting to feel a little lighter and a lot healthier!” – Jessie, Aug 2014

“We would like to start by saying Thank You EnVie – A Vegan Kitchen for everything. A group of us from Daniel Daniel Dentistry decided that with a New Year we wanted to begin our year off with a fresh start.   Most working people find it hard to find the time to really take care of themselves and give their bodies the nutrition it needs.  EnVie made this process very easy for us.  We would pick up our pre made juices every evening and be all ready for the next day.

Day 1 and 2 were definitely the hardest, by day 3 we began to have more energy, we started feeling healthier and we felt the effects of having finally given our bodies the vitamins and nutrients it needs.  We would absolutely recommend the enVie juice cleanse to anyone looking to enhance their way of life.” – Daniel Daniel Dentistry Group Cleanse, January 2015